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Summerfield Education Centre is a pupil referral unit for permanently excluded pupils from Solihull Borough Schools which cater for ages 11-16. We provide an education to pupils who are currently disheartened with the education system and have trouble coping in a mainstream setting. Many of our pupils have behavioural, emotional and social issues that have affected their ability to achieve their full potential at mainstream school.

Pupils may be admitted to Summerfield Education Centre throughout the academic year via referral from Solihull Local Education Authority.

We aim to provide the best quality education by delivering well prepared and stimulating lessons that will engage “hard to reach pupils”.

Aims of the Centre

  • The Centre aims to support permanently excluded young people back into mainstream school
  • Achieve accreditation, to improve each young person’s life chances
  • To reinforce positive behaviour and challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • To enable young people to develop their skills and fulfil their potential